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Meltdown, Spectre Fixes Will Impact Performance

What a disastrous way to start the new year! Microsoft, Intel, and other PC manufacturers are still dealing with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities these days. With the Redmond based company making available a range of patches

Windows 8 Is Twice As Fast As Windows XP On A Seven Year Old Laptop

Need proof? We’ve got a video below. Anyway, call it better optimization, finer coding, or improved compatibility and synchronization with hardware. Of course, you can also say that Microsoft woke up and decided that operating systems out

Take our poll of the week – If the Surface Pro Tablet had 4 hours of battery life, would you still buy it?

So I was reading today that Intel may be coming up with a lower powered chip which may provide Windows 8 tablets with extended battery life. This would obviously be fantastic because tablets like Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Build 2012 Conference Video – 50 performance tricks to make your HTML5 apps and sites faster

It’s crucial for a web developer to be able to create high performing web apps. The Internet Explorer Team in Performance is here to show you how create faster sites. The same team will share their 50 greatest

Apparently the Microsoft Surface was a hit with Wall Street

Microsoft was rewarded by investors today, the day after the unveiling of their Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft stock was among the most heavily traded stocks on the first day of trading after the product launch. MSFT closed

10 factors that will determine the success of Windows 8 Tablets

I’ve had a chance to sit back and think about some of the key factors that will determine the relative success of Windows 8 Tablets when they are released over the next couple of years. I say

Microsoft has a strong third quarter

Microsoft’s had a great fiscal third quarter. Their growth was powered by the software company’s enterprise line-up — SQL Server, System Center and products like Lync and Dynamics CRM. The company reported third-quarter earnings of $5.11 billion,

Microsoft talk about Reclaiming memory from Metro style apps in Windows 8

In a new blog on the Windows 8 Development Blog, Microsoft talk a bit about reclaiming memory from Metro Style applications. The post is introduced by Steven Sinofsky and authored by Bill Karagounis on the Windows 8 Fundamentals

A Few Password Related Bugs/Annoyances In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I first realized that I was in love with Windows 7 back during the beta. While I enjoyed the improvements to the Vista interface and the overall speed-ups, I think I was most impressed by just how

Metro processing seems to be a little slow in Windows 8

I have an ExoPC slate device which seems a little slow when running Windows 8. That ironically has turned out to be a blessing. You see, when your hardware is slow, you sometimes get to see the way