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Microsoft’s Anti-Google Campaign Rakes Up Thousands Of Signatures Overnight

There is a thin line between stupendous and suspicious — just ask Lance Armstrong. Hopefully this is more in the vein of stupendous from Microsoft, though there are enough reasons to believe otherwise. Here is the full

Microsoft’s Anti-Google Petition Off To A Slow Start

Microsoft’s newest attack against rival Google was launched more than ten days ago, with a spanking new petition that showed the search engine giant was peeking into Gmail accounts to serve relevant ads, a practice which Redmond

Week In Review (Feb 4 – Feb 8)

It was the day before launch. Yes, Microsoft’s Surface Pro is seeing the light of day at retail stores across the North American continent tomorrow. By now you may already have read a few early reviews, okay

Petition Underway Asking Microsoft To Bring Back Aero For Windows 8

The Aero user interface (yeah, the glassy one from Windows 7) had an interesting end. Months before the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft ripped it off by confirming that they had moved beyond it. In fact, Redmond