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This Lumia 1330 Concept Keeps It Simple, Looks Appealing

If you’re in the market for a new Windows Phone tablet, this Lumia 1330 concept should be a delight. Microsoft seems all set to launch this new device in the next month or so. We’ve had several

Now This Is A Lumia 1530 Concept Done Truly Right

Microsoft has left a lot of fans hanging when it comes to flagship smartphones, and until we hear news of those, this Lumia 1530 concept should tide you by. Or probably not. Regardless, it’s a nicely conceived

Back Cover Shows Microsoft Branding In Leaked Lumia 1330 Images

Boy, the Lumia 1330 surely has taken over from a handset in limb, the McLaren, also known as the Lumia 1030. The former is leaked on a regular basis these past few weeks. And even though Microsoft

Is This Leaked Photo Our First Look At The Lumia 1330?

The Windows Phone fandom is now looking forward to the Lumia 1330, the next budget phablet that will come bearing the Microsoft logo. In the next couple of months, if all goes well. We already got some

Leaked Benchmark Reveals Microsoft Lumia 1330 Specifications

Of all the new Windows Phone Microsoft is currently working on, the Lumia 1330 seems like it has a very solid chance of becoming official in the coming weeks. Or months. We’ve heard a fair bit about

Lumia 1330 Specifications Leaked, Phablet Incoming

Redmond surely wants to expand its new Microsoft Lumia brand, and the Lumia 1330 has already been spotted in the wild, as the successor to the popular Lumia 1320 smartphone. Or well, phablet, if you prefer. There

Micromax Windows Phone Phablet Coming Soon With A 6-Inch Screen

Micromax may share part of its name with Microsoft, but the company seems to have really taken to Redmond’s mobile platform after arriving to the Windows Phone party. The company unveiled its first two Windows Phone handsets

Nokia Lumia 1520 Available For Preorder At Microsoft Store For $199

The large 6-inch phablet from the Finnish telecom giant will soon be flying off the shelves in a week or so. Microsoft has just kicked off the preorder campaign for the Lumia 1520 on its official Store

AT&T Will Launch The Nokia Lumia 1520 In Black, Red And White

So then, we finally have some movement for those in the US that are looking to buy Nokia’s first phablet. Nokia unveiled the Lumia 1520 early last week, but not all details regarding availability were out after

Nokia Lumia 1320 With 6-Inch Display Set For Early 2014

Soon after making official its first ever phablet, the Finnish smartphone also announced the much more affordable Lumia 1320. Both new handsets pack 6-inch displays, but with some substantial differences. The Lumia 1320, for starters, only comes