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Windows 10 Now Has A Phone App

Hello, hello? Can you hear me? Surface Andromeda may have been delayed, but new developments show that Microsoft is still very active on the software side of things. In order to make this device a reality, and

Andromeda May Support Phone Calls

The question of the month is not when Andromeda will make it to store shelves, but whether this upcoming device from Microsoft will include some phone features. Phone features like making calls, for instance. We have had

Thanks to Nokia for the Lumia 1020 Phone

Over the next few days, I’m going to be taking a deep look at Nokia’s AppSocial application and sharing some of the apps that I’m personally excited about. So what is Nokia’s AppSocial? App Social helps users

RIM Introduce their New Z10 And Q10 Phones – I’m Not Sure That I’m Convinced

Research In Motion or RIM has officially announced its first new BlackBerry 10 devices: the Z10 and the Q10. The Z10 is arguably the company’s first contemporary smartphone. It runs on the company’s new operating system BlackBerry 10

Video Review – The Verge get a glimpse of the new BlackBerry Q10

The Verge have been able to get a video of the new Q10 devices from the company now called Blackberry (formerly known as RIM). The new device looks a lot more promising to me than the Z10

Samsung Ativ Odyssey Image Leaked

First unveiled at Microsoft’s recent Windows Phone 8 event, the Samsung Ativ Odyssey has remained shrouded in a veil of secrecy ever since (despite the ‘unveiling’), including confirmation of what the Windows 8 smartphone’s specs will be,

Here we go again, rumors suggest Microsoft has begun testing and building the so-called Surface Phone

Microsoft isn’t a software company, its a hardware and services company too. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has made this abundantly clear in recent times not only by saying as much, but also by their actions with the release

Windows Surface Phone could help WP Economy, says Nokia CEO

Competition is a good thing, especially for consumers. Without competition, there would be no reason for companies to create innovative products. Still, as a business, it is particularly frustrating if you are attempting to compete only to

I’m voting for Samsung Windows 8 Phones

I know it’s impolitic to say this out loud on the eve of an important Windows Phone 8 announcement but.. these Samsung ATIV phones make me ask – is Microsoft in bed with the wrong phone vendor?

Pictures of the Samsung ATIV S – the first of many Windows Phone 8 devices

New photos have arrived (from Microsoft) showing the newest Windows Phone 8 devices. This is the Samsung ATIV S and it’s actually described as the “first of many” Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s a pretty incomplete picture