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The Future of Microsoft Mobile A.K.A Former Nokia

On April 25, Microsoft has fully acquired Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia for $7.9 billion. In a leaked memo from Mashable, the hardware division of Nokia will undergo a series of rebranding, changing its name to Microsoft Mobile.

Where is Microsoft going to end up as a devices company?

So, now we are starting to see interesting developments as Microsoft begins to fully morph into a full devices company. Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP basically has come right out and said she considers Microsoft to

Rumor: Samsung making bendable Windows Phone

Today on Square Trade’s Facebook page I saw this picture. The interesting thing about seeing this on Square Trade’s page is they are a Warranty company. The only thing that was said about it is “Rumor has

Nokia Lumia 520 Now Available Prepaid At AT&T

The affordably popular Nokia Lumia 520 has been tearing up the sales charts all over the world, and earlier this week, wireless carrier AT&T also officially announced the availability of the budget smartphone on its GoPhone lineup.

Head Of Windows Phone Talks About The Lack Of New OS Features

It is not every day you get a company leader take to the support forums and answer complaints, but this is what happened today, as the head of the Windows Phone team at Microsoft, Joe Belfiore made

HTC Said To Be Gearing Up To Launch Zara, A Mid-Range Windows Phone

The mid-range market is where the numbers are at — at least as far as the Windows Phone platform is concerned. All four Windows Phone manufacturers are well aware of this fact, and Nokia in particular seems

Lenovo Rumored To Launch A 1080p, Quad-Core Windows Phone This Year

An overwhelming portion of the success of the Windows Phone platform can be attributed to two companies, Microsoft and Nokia. While there are other hardware vendors in the mix, not to mention app developers, but it has

The Absolute Majority Of Windows Phone 8 Apps Run On 512MB Devices

While Android users are swimming in devices with 2GB of memory, and most iPhone users not being far behind when it comes to RAM, Microsoft’s mobile platform does a dandy job at 512MB of memory. Most new

Nokia Lumia 625 Officially Unveiled, Sports A Super-Sensitive 4.7-Inch Screen

The rumor mill has been churning out bits and pieces of information about a new Nokia Lumia device this past week or so, and today the Finnish telecommunication giant made official a new smartphone in its Lumia

Nokia Teases Big Announcement For Tomorrow, Lumia 625 Unveil Expected

After a relative little lull of the past few weeks, Nokia is once again seems busy with new product launches. The Finnish telecom giant recently unveiled its remarkable new flagship, the Lumia 1020, and is now gearing