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Windows 8.1 App Watch: Devi8t For DeviantART

Before there were social networks, there were social sites. Devi8t for DeviantART allows you to enjoy one such website right from the Modern UI of your device. DeviantART is one of the oldest platforms for artists to

Windows 8.1 App Watch: PicsArt

You may have seen plenty of ports on the Windows Store, but this one can handily be termed as Port Royale. A Windows 8.1 version of the universally popular PicsArt app is now available. And this mobile

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Atlantas

Been a while since we’ve covered a photography app, but this new one, although comes with a multitude of features, also comes with a rather odd name. Atlantas. Try searching for it in search engines, almost impossible

App Watch: LockPic

Take a look at competing mobile app stores, particularly Google Play, and you will find an absolute plethora of apps that offer customization, backgrounds, screensavers and whatnot. For better or for worse (probably the former) this is

App Watch: The Big Picture

If you have an interest in either photography or news, chances are you have already stumbled upon The Big Picture section of The Boston Globe. If not, then prepare to be dazzled. Dubbed, News Stories in Photographs,

App Watch: Phototastic

Another creative Windows 8 app that is creatively named! There never has been short of photography apps on the Windows Store, with many quality solutions available for download. Phototastic is another addition to this category, promising an

App Watch: 500px

Long have I yearned to type this! The official 500px app has finally arrived on the Windows Store, and it is just as intuitive and engaging as it is on other competing platforms. So much so that

App Watch: Pic Stitch

The mobile revolution has brought around many things. But one win you just have to give to these modern apps is just how easy they make complex photography tasks. Take the mildly complex (for beginners, at least)

App Watch: Selectiv Light

Time for another creatively titled app. This one is actually the lite version of a premium photography app that goes by the name Selectiv, so along with a creative name it is also a bit of a

App Watch: Adobe Revel

Previously flying under the name Carousel, Adobe Revel is another of the many mobile photo services. This one, however, comes from Adobe the design and multimedia software titan. Photo syncing and basic image editing capabilities are on