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My defense of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Picture Password security mechanism

So, there has been a lot of hubbub about Windows 8 and the new security mechanism outlined by Microsoft. To recap, Microsoft recently detailed a new Windows 8 picture password security mechanism. This feature would allow Windows

Windows 8 Picture Password Security Called Into Question

Microsoft has put a lot of focus into making Windows and IE a more secure experience in Windows 8. Microsoft has crafted changes in the boot process, added antivirus protection into the included Windows Defender, and even

Microsoft detail their picture password feature

Microsoft have released a blog post that goes into detail about their new picture password feature. This feature allows Windows 8 users to select their own personal picture and using their finger gestures make different patterns over

Microsoft submits patent claim for sketch based password authentication in Windows 8

Microsoft has submitted a patent claim for its Windows 8 sketch-based password authentication feature. The patent, numbered 8,024,775, was originally filed on 20 February, 2008, but was only approved yesterday, giving Microsoft legal protection for its novel