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Windows Piracy Remains A Major Threat

Shiver me timbers! Microsoft has conducted its own investigation on the new PC market in Asia, and found that Windows piracy is quite a thing over there. It’s downright insane — the number of computers that are

First Windows 10 UWP Game Cracked

Pirates strike! It’s not often we talk about piracy on Windows 10, as Microsoft did a solid job of keeping things secure on its platform up until now. But pirates have cracked the first UWP game. Zoo

Microsoft Targets IP Address That Activates Pirated Windows

A tried and tested way to get tried and tested results? Microsoft has gone after an IP address that it believes tried to activate pirated copy of Windows and Office. The lawsuit filed claims both copyright and

Here Are Some More Details About The Windows 9 Activation System

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, said not too long ago that 9 out of 10 copies of Windows in China were pirated. And it seems it is this statistic that has compelled Microsoft to design a

Despite All Its Efforts, Piracy Is Still A Bane For Microsoft

Redmond has been fighting piracy almost since it got into the business of selling software. However, despite its massive efforts, the company still has a long way to go to claim some notable wins. Microsoft has been

Microsoft Finds Viruses And Malware In Pirate Copies Of Windows

To say otherwise that Microsoft’s software products are perhaps the most pirated in the world, would be distorting reality — Windows and Office, both regularly top lists that tally counterfeit software. In fact, Windows 7 remains one

Yes, this Windows 8 site was hacked

So imagine you have this thriving website with thousands of daily visitors and you got to sleep on Saturday night thinking about new posts for the week that you have to edit, new writers you’ve hired etc.

Fake Apple Store in China – unbelievable!

This is unbelievable! An American blogger discovered three fake Apple stores operating in Kunming city, China. The anonymous American female blogger based in Kunming city displayed pictures of the stores and their staff. In the article, she

Windows 8 beta torrents or Windows 8 torrents

OK so people need to calm down. I just wanted to have a discussion about Windows 8 beta torrents and Windows 8 torrents in general. I don’t endorse the creation or dissemination of illegal torrents. This is just a

Windows Piracy – China and India at 80% and 60%? Holy Cow

As we get closer to the release of Windows 8, there is going to be software piracy and a lot of versions of this software will end up on Torrent and Warez sites. Seems like a given