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Microsoft Catching Windows 7 Pirates Via Their IP Addresses

The oldest trick in the book! But a bit surprising to see Microsoft going after Windows 7 pirates with this intensity, at this stage of the lifecycle of the operating system. And more so, with Windows 10

Windows 7 ISO Downloads From Microsoft Finally Possible

What took them so long! Microsoft has finally made Windows 7 ISO downloads possible, with launch of a new Software Recovery center that also provides information about downloads. It allows users to get the necessary files just

Microsoft Sues AT&T User For Pirating Windows 7

The fight against piracy is nothing new for Microsoft, with the software titan devising new ways to prevent unauthorized copies of its software solutions. And now we have another case. An interesting case, where the company located

Here Are Some More Details About The Windows 9 Activation System

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, said not too long ago that 9 out of 10 copies of Windows in China were pirated. And it seems it is this statistic that has compelled Microsoft to design a

Despite All Its Efforts, Piracy Is Still A Bane For Microsoft

Redmond has been fighting piracy almost since it got into the business of selling software. However, despite its massive efforts, the company still has a long way to go to claim some notable wins. Microsoft has been

Windows 8.1 Starts Limiting Personalization Settings If Not Activated

Piracy may be a fair bit of bother for most software companies, but for Microsoft it is an absolute bane. Various versions of the Windows operating system along with the Office suite of productivity applications are some

Microsoft Says It Settled 3,265 Piracy Cases Last Year

Microsoft software remains one of the most pirated the world over, and the software titan continues its fight against piracy around the globe, this time sharing some interesting new statistics on how things are coming along in

The Three Es Are Microsoft’s Secret Weapon Against Piracy

If there is one company that hates piracy more than anybody, it’s Microsoft. The software products carrying the Microsoft label are among the most pirated in the world. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, in particular, rank as

Former Employees Tipped Microsoft Off About Australian Software Pirates

Microsoft is one of the few companies that suffer from massive software piracy of its products. Both Windows and Office are one of the most counterfeited software according to most surveys. And expectedly, the company actively fights

Microsoft Tracks Down Australian Pirates Selling Windows 8

Windows 8 may slowly be increasing its market share, but Microsoft’s latest operating system has equally been a target of pirates who are all too happy to upload or sell illegal copies. Such is the popularity of