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Windows 9 Could Unify Desktop, Tablet And Smartphone Apps

Not always do you see Microsoft talk about future strategy in such detail, but the company was in a candid mood at the 2013 financial analyst meeting that took place on Thursday. Terry Myerson, the head of

Prepare For An Onslaught Of Tablets With Plastic Casings

It stands to reason that cost is a defining factor for a lot of users. While many can (and will) drop hundreds of smackers to get their hands on a deluxe slate, others prefer to stay in

Microsoft Said To Be Preparing A 1.5-Inch Touchscreen Display Watch

If there is one thing this new-look Microsoft is keen on, it’s innovation. While the software titan has always traditionally invested a fair amount on research and development, but the stakes are higher this time around. I

PC Components Industry Expected To See A 50 Percent Increase Later This Year

Contrary to what others would like you to believe, the Windows operating system depends as much on the hardware industry as the industry does on Microsoft’s platform. It may not have been the case a couple of

Windows Embedded 8 Industry Official Launched

While consumer platforms remain the primary focus of Microsoft, businesses and enterprises are not far from the picture either. Linux and its variants may have found raging success in a lot of industry sectors, but Microsoft continues

Tablet And Smartphone Growth Will See DRAM Demand Jump 30% This Year

It was not very long ago that DRAM makers were in hot waters with increasing supplies that left prices freefalling. The reason was the slow sales of desktop and laptop computers. It was only after the memory

VIZIO Also Introduces Three All-In-One Computers

VIZIO Launches Four Sleek New Windows 8 Laptops

Windows Phone 7.8 Does Not Bring Any Noticeable Performance Improvements

Acer Reconfirms Its Plans To Launch A Windows RT Tablet In 2013

As technology companies go, Acer is one of the more temperamental ones around. Its executives have been very, shall we say, blunt about the fact that Microsoft was entering the hardware business. Ever since Redmond announced its