Interview with Pokki

Exclusive Interview: Success, a Lenovo partnership and more – what’s next for Pokki and SweetLabs?

So earlier today, we wrote about the new partnership between Lenovo and Pokki and being the nosy bastard that I am, I wanted to find…

Pokki and Lenovo come together

Kind of like a big deal – Lenovo is on board with Pokki

Lenovo has officially become the second major PC OEM (after Acer) to join forces with Sweetlabs and their Pokki Suite. SweetLabs announced…


Two Windows 8 Start Buttons Now Have 8 Million Downloads Combined

While Windows 8 brought with it a number of sweeping new changes, the most radical of them was the absence of the Start Menu. Six…


Looking for a Start Menu Replacement? Pokki Announces New Update

When it comes to using Windows 8 in an enterprise environment, there are varied opinions on whether the Start UI helps or holds you back….


Between Start8 and Pokki At Least 4.5 Million Windows 8 Users Have Brought Back Start Menu

While I’ve personally become accustomed to the new Start UI as a replacement for the traditional Start Menu, it seems that a large number of…


Pokki are seeing MASSIVE demand for the Start Menu in Windows 8

Pokki which released a Windows 8 Start menu replacement back in October today revealed that it had been downloaded 1.5 million times for Windows 8. This…


Interesting new infographic from Pokki – Windows 8 Start Menu statistics

So, if you’re Microsoft, surely there’s a point when you realize that this is ridiculous? I haven’t been shy about saying that the absence of…


More about Pokki – Interview with SweetLabs Chief Marketing Officer Chester Ng

Chester Ng -…


Very Interesting – Lets talk about Pokki – bringing web based applications to the desktop

So this is something a little (lot) different. Even though…