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The NYPD Got Those 36,000 Windows Phones For Free

The Windows Phone platform has been at the center of controversy this week, when the NYPD made it official that it was ditching all 36,000 of them that were in use by police officers. And instead, moving

NYPD Ready To Ditch 36,000 Useless Windows Phones

Ouch! It was a year and half back, almost to this day that the NYPD made it official that it was issuing some 36,000 new Windows phones to its officer in the field. This was part of

NYPD Testing Windows Phones, Could Make A Switch

This is big stuff. The NYPD is currently testing various Windows and Windows Phone powered devices, as part of a trial. The organization is said to be considering making a switch to Microsoft products. According to reports,

UK Police Switch From BlackBerry To Windows Phone

There are only a few certainties in life, and one is that the majority of the corporate and enterprise user base of BlackBerry is going to transition over to Windows Phone in the near future. In fact,

Microsoft’s Skype Helps Save Man’s Life

And you thought you loved Skype? Just ask Roy Hicks, a 79-year-old man residing in South Africa. There is a fair chance that he loves Microsoft’s VoIP platform more than anyone else in the world. His life