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This one’s for you – What do you want to see in Windows Blue or Windows 8.1?

So there have been a lot of rumors on the web lately about Windows 8.1 and how many changes are going to be made to Windows 8. The real question though is not what the pundits think

Poll – Philosophy 101 – If Windows 8.1 includes Start Button and boot To Desktop, was Windows 8 a failure? – Discuss

So a lot has been said recently about Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue actually having a Start Button and possibly having an option to boot directly to the desktop. This news is interesting and if true would

Recent Poll Shows That 65% Of Those Polled Would Pay $200-$699 For W8 Tablet

Recently Zdnet conducted a poll trying to determine what most of its readers would be willing to pay for a Windows 8 tablet. Keep in mind that this is just a sampling of people, and likely more

How do you test a Windows 8 Beta without a tablet?

So one of the most interesting things about the upcoming Windows 8 Beta that we’re expecting this January (hopefully at or close to the time of CES 2012) is the fact that Windows 8 is also a

New Windows 8 Enterprise Research from Information Week

Information Week has come up with a really good article about the response that Enterprises have to Windows 8. You can read more here. There were some really good takeaways from the article and I think it

Your feedback about what you want to see in Windows 8 Beta

So I had asked you guys and girls for your comments regarding Windows 8 and what you wanted to see and a lot of the comments are in already. You can see them here. A lot of

Windows 8 Beta coming in January 2012 – what do you want?

Windows 8 Beta is very strongly rumored to be arriving in January of 2012, possibly at or around the CES show. You all should have had a chance to play around with the Windows 8 Developer Preview

Social Media firm MashWork measure Windows 8 fever

Obviously, the world has been abuzz about Windows 8 over the past month or so. Social media firm MashWork created an infographic based on what people were saying about Windows 8 after it was revealed earlier this

Is Microsoft tracking Windows Phone users or not?

So there has been a back and forth regarding Microsoft’s Windows Phone and location tracking services. Microsoft has sworn up and down ( to the U.S. House of Representatives) that: 1. User Choice and Control. Microsoft does not

Show of hands – how much should a Windows 8 tablet cost?

OK, so in light of all the interesting things going on with HP and their Touchpad, i thought it would be fun to take a poll. Microsoft will be releasing a Windows 8 tablet at some point