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Take Our Poll: Who would be a better CEO, Nadella or Elop?

So it’s Friday and it’s time for a little mischief poll. The issue of who Microsoft’s CEO will be seems to be something that will be resolved soon and that’s a good thing. While there are many

Windows 8 Poll – One year later, what do you think of Windows 8/8.1?

So it’s been quite a while since Microsoft released Windows 8 and then subsequently, Windows 8.1 and I haven’t checked in in a while. As you all may know, I wasn’t a huge fan and even thought

Microsoft: Only 47 Percent Of Online Users Try To Protect Their Privacy

Microsoft has put up a new brand new survey that shows that while a large number of people are concerned with their online privacy, it appears that far fewer actually make efforts to protect it. In a

Survey Shows That 74 Percent Of Windows 8 Users Like The New OS

Four months into launch, Microsoft’s newest operating system is still suffering from lackluster demand and slow adaption. But those who have made the jump seem to love the experience. At least, if you go by this Best

The readers speak, what has been your experience ordering the Surface Pro this weekend?

    So it looks like the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro has been something akin to a disaster. Yes it seems like the devices are sold out across the country but it also seems like there has been a

Windows 8 Poll – Moment of Truth – Would you pay full upgrade price for Windows 8?

OK, so the fun and games are ALMOST over. Microsoft recently announced that their severely discounted upgrade pricing will come to an end in January. After January 31st of 2013, Windows 8 Pro will cost $199.99 and

Why do you want to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro?

As we go into the weekend, I have a very simple question to ask you guys and girls. For those of you who plan to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro later this month when it’s released, my

Take our poll of the week – If the Surface Pro Tablet had 4 hours of battery life, would you still buy it?

So I was reading today that Intel may be coming up with a lower powered chip which may provide Windows 8 tablets with extended battery life. This would obviously be fantastic because tablets like Microsoft’s Surface Pro

The shocking results of our Microsoft Surface Pro Poll

So last Friday, I asked you guys to tell me whether you would buy a Microsoft Surface Pro and opened up a poll last week. The results were VERY interesting. As of this morning, almost 1200 of

Survey – Will you buy a Microsoft Surface Pro?

The Surface Pro, Microsoft’s Windows 8 hybrid tablet/laptop for business has a starting price of $899 for the 64 GB model, without a keyboard. It does have an Intel Core i5 processor to give it the horsepower it