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Surface Power Cover Is Already Out Of Stock At Microsoft Store Website

Not again, for the love of clear blue skies, not again! Microsoft very recently announced the Surface Power Cover but the device seems to be selling really well, so much so that it is no longer in

Surface Power Cover To Launch March 19, Preorders Available

This deluxe accessory was first promised to us back in late 2013, and now Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Surface Power Covers for its Surface line of tablets. The Surface Power Cover can extend the

Microsoft Announces New Surface Accessories Including The Power Cover

You don’t get far too many Microsoft rumors, but when you get them they sure end up being pretty accurate. Take the recent speculations about the Surface Docking Station and Power Cover for instance. As we reported

Microsoft Preparing Power Cover For Surface With Built In Battery

Redmond is reportedly working on its second generation Surface tablet lineup, but at the same time the technology titan promised a bunch of new accessories for its branded slates that are to be released in the near