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Bing Correctly Predicted 84% Of Oscars 2015 Winners

A little thing called the Academy Awards were held this past Sunday, also known as Oscars 2015. And Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine once again to amaze by correctly calling the shots. In fact, it only got 4

Adam Hartung Says Game Is Over For Microsoft

Adam Hartung is in a bad mood these days. The Forbes analyst made headlines last year when he labeled Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer as “the worst CEO of a large publicly traded company”. Back then he said that

Analyst: Windows 8 Will Negatively Impact The PC Industry In 2013

Rarely do you see a software product with so much riding on it. While Windows 8 was being developed, several analysts, company executives and industry leaders pinned their hopes on the new OS to revive the faltering

Analyst: PC Industry Will Be Negatively Impacted By Windows 8 This Year

At least, they are only talking about this year. Several companies were expecting Windows 8 to bolster computer hardware sales during the Holiday shopping season, but with unexceptional numbers several technology circles were left disappointed. Some even

Adam Hartung: Game Over For Microsoft

Adam Hartung is man who takes no prisoners. You may recall how he criticized CEO Steve Ballmer last year, labeling him as “the worst CEO of a large publicly traded company”. Whoa! In his 2012 article he

Orange Claims Windows 8 Will Take Off This Year

Several industry experts and company leads have expressed their opinion on the new OS towards the end of last year, with opinions ranging from hopeful to downright discouraging, which is unsurprising, given how much of a radical

No, Mr. James, Surface Is Not Doomed

Buttermilk biscuits! Every once in a while a new story comes along that is so bad, it’s actually good. Something like this popped up when a chap by the name of Geoffrey James over at wrote

Windows 8 Expected To Only Take Off In 2014

Predictions. Can’t live without them, can’t live with them. While it’s safe to say Microsoft had great expectations for an all-conquering launch of Windows 8, and expected the new OS to move millions upon millions of copies

Forrester Makes Some Windows 8 Predictions of its Own

We’ve heard all sorts of crazy analyst predictions about Windows 8. Now Forrester is producing some figures of their own. According to the Forrester’s Frank Gillet, Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone 8 won’t be smash sensations

Will the WinRT era end the WinNT era forever? – Gartner think so.

According to the research firm Gartner, the WinNT era is comig to an end soon. In their opinion, Windows 8 will mark the beginning of a new Windows RT(Run Time) era. Windows Runtime library (WinRT) is the heart of system