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Microsoft Launches A New $150 Surface Pro 3 Discount

A new price cut for Microsoft’s premium tablet is now available. The company has launched a new Surface Pro 3 discount, making the slate available at a more affordable price. Or at least, some of the models.

Microsoft Rolls Out A $100 Surface Pro 3 Discount

Time for another Surface Pro 3 discount. This time around Microsoft is slashing off $100 from the price on all models of the tablet but one, and this new promotion lasts until Saturday. Sure feels like a

Microsoft Announces $100 Surface 2 Discount

Sign that Surface 3 is incoming? Seems so. Redmond has just launched a new Surface 2 discount, which sees the 10-inch tablet retailing for $100 off its regular price. Part Microsoft’s Back-to-School promo, part the company’s attempt

New Surface Pro 3 Discount Gets You The Tablet For $650

If you are a student, that is. Microsoft regularly puts up special promotional pricings for its products, and the Surface tablets, in particular, get exclusive price cuts for sectors like education and the military. And here we

Microsoft Is Now Selling Refurbished Surface RT Tablets For $299

Redmond cut the prices of its Surface RT slates by $150 back in July, which resulted in the units being available at $349 for the 32GB version and $449 for the 64GB model. Now the company is

Microsoft’s Surface Pro $100 Price Cut Is Now Permanent

Earlier this month Redmond debuted a $100 price cut on its Surface Pro tablet, applicable on both the 64GB and 128GB versions of the deluxe tablet, bringing the prices down to $799 and $899 respectively. This was