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Next HoloLens To Double The Field Of View

Or rather, it will come with double the field of view of the premiere model. In other words, the FOV will go from 35° in this generation models to 70° in the second generation. Still a far

Dell XPS 10 Gets A Price Cut, Now Available For $300

The trend of price cuts on Windows RT tablets continues. It was just a month or so ago that a number of tablets running Microsoft’s version of Windows for ARM received price drops. And now Dell has

Compare Windows Azure Prices With Other Cloud Services Using This Tool

If there is one thing that is certain in the cloud zone, it is ever changing prices. In fact, with price reduction being so frequent you need a Brainiac (a Superman villain) by your side to keep

Surprise! This is the Biggest Threat to Microsoft

OK, here’s a question for you. What is the existential threat facing Microsoft today? Did you say in operating systems? iOS? Android? Unfortunately, the number crunchers would say: wrong on both counts. Just in terms of raw

Windows Azure Storage Pricing Slashed By 28%

Rumor: Surface Pro Could Launch Next Month At A Lower Price

Some rumors are too good to believe, while others are too good not to. File this one under the latter category. As the world eagerly awaits the Surface Pro line of tablets, most signs are pointing to

Acer’s Windows 8 tablet Iconia W510 will be iPad price competitive – $499 starting price

Acer have announced a starting price of US$499 for their new Iconia W510 tablets. These devices will have Windows 8 and Intel’s Atom chip code-named Clover Trail. In addition, they will have 10.1-inch Gorilla Glass screen, weigh

Recent Poll Shows That 65% Of Those Polled Would Pay $200-$699 For W8 Tablet

Recently Zdnet conducted a poll trying to determine what most of its readers would be willing to pay for a Windows 8 tablet. Keep in mind that this is just a sampling of people, and likely more

What Would Be the Perfect Price for a Windows 8 Tablet?

So, the market leader of tablets right now is the iPad and they start at $499 for their cheapest model which has 16 gigabytes (GB) of flash storage and just WiFi as the wireless communications radio. But

Amazing – Kindle Fire costs only $2.70 more than it’s sold for

Jeff Bezos is a genius! I had heard that Amazon was losing money on each unit of the Kindle Fire that it sold. I erroneously thought that the amount would be 10,20, 30 or 40 dollars a