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Will Microsoft Increase Windows Prices?

Buzz among the bees is that Microsoft could increase its Windows licensing plans, and the company is eyeing certain types of PCs for this move that is sure to have an impact on prices. Most specifically, those

Microsoft May Raise Windows 10 Prices

Don’t look now, but it appears that Microsoft is looking to introduce a price hike for certain versions of its operating system. Basically, Windows 10 prices for some SKUs are in line for a revision. This has

HP Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind On The Elite x3 Price

Not in the UK, at least. The HP Elite x3 is pretty much the only real Windows 10 Mobile flagship handset on the market, but it seems that the company can’t make its mind how to best

Partner Site Reveals Windows 8.1 Pricing For OEMs

Although the Windows 8.1 pricing scheme is not the biggest mystery in the world, things got rather interesting when Microsoft announced at BUILD 2014 that it was making the OS free for OEMs. Certain OEMs, mind you,

The World Is Ready For $149 Chromebooks, Is Microsoft?

Google have built their success on either offering amazing stuff away for free, or at low, low price points. Chromebooks seems to be following this pattern, to the tee. Up until now, Chrome OS hardware was available

New Infographic Shows The Affordability Of Windows Phone

Another new Microsoft infographic. The company only sparingly releases infographics, and when it does they’re mostly for Windows Phone. However, this new one makes a statement. A rather bold statement that highlights just how affordable a move

Intel Core M Notebooks Pricing Starts At A Remarkable $199

The first batch of Intel Core M notebooks is on track for release this holiday season, though most of the new such machines will only arrive early next year. Just ahead of the regular Broadwell powered products.

Windows 9 Free For Windows 8 Users? Could Be

Several sources have weighed in on how Microsoft will release their next operating system. Making Windows 9 free for Windows 8 users is a notion that has been thrown around a lot. And now an esteemed Russian

New Surface 2 Discount Gets You The Tablet For $349

Been waiting for the opportune moment to get Microsoft’s newest Windows RT tablet? This new Surface 2 discount means the tablet now starts at $349. This new promotional pricing is reflected on the official product page. All

Microsoft Makes Office 365 Free For Even More Users

That’s the way to do it. The Office division is fast becoming the most important cornerstone for Microsoft, and the cloud powered Office 365, the absolute highlight. No wonder, then, that the company continues to enhance the