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Skype For Web Private Beta Tests Are Now Underway

Remember Skype for Web? Microsoft’s bid to allow users to talk with their friends without installing Skype on their computers? Well, the solution is now available. Essentially, this is a way of bringing the service right into

Michael Dell Completes Buyback, Dell Finally Goes Private

It has been a long and arduous journey for Michael Dell. But after months of paperwork, and a successful thwarting of a hostile takeover attempt by a billionaire activist, Dell has finally gone private. The company has

Michael Dell has taken control of his company – Dell’s going private!

Michael Dell, the billionaire CEO of Dell has finally gotten the votes needed to take his company private. He said on Thursday that taking the PC maker private will unleash the creativity and confidence of the company

Dell Wants To Focus On PCs And Tablets After Going Private

The big question here is how the privatizing trip will play out. The founder of Dell has found that his plans to take the company private are most definitely not going as smooth as he had hoped

Dell Cites Slow Windows 8 Sales As One Of The Reasons For Going Private

Microsoft may be helping Dell go private by providing a $2 billion contribution, but one area Redmond is said to have not contributed at all is in lifting sales of Dell and other hardware makers. In fact,

Dell goes private in a $24.4 Billion deal – Microsoft in for $2 Billion

The rumors were true! Dell has officially closed a buyout of the company, removing the company from the publicly-traded stock market and into private hands. The deal is being financed by a mixture of cash and equity

Microsoft Loans $2 Billion To Help Dell Go Private

The Dell privatization saga makes a very significant turn as the company has announced a deal to go private. And as speculated, Microsoft could soon come on board as a noteworthy stakeholder in the new private company.

Michael Dell Seeking Majority Stake In Private Dell

The founder of Dell feels that the reason his company isn’t doing well is because it is stretched thin by trying to satisfy demands of the shareholders. The solution to all this? Go private, of course! As

Microsoft Wants More Say Over Privatized Dell

The last week or so has been filled with rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Dell deal, with the hardware vendor reportedly planning to go private again, and Redmond showing interest in putting some money in the effort.

Dell going private – quote of the day

As you have probably heard, the rumor is that Dell is trying to go private, ie. to take the company back from the public markets and not be accountable and transparent to the public anymore. Well there’s a really