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Even More October 2018 Update Issues Pop Up

The future is shaky? It’s no secret that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update has had its fair share of problems, ever since Microsoft skipped over the Release Preview ring and released it to the public. Obviously,

How To Troubleshoot Problems In Windows 10

Windows has always had largely solid wizards that help you troubleshoot problems related to hardware and software in the operating system. And Windows 10 adds an even more helpful touch. Distressed PC users can now find a

Windows Update KB3022345 Causing USB Device Not Recognized Errors

The dreaded USB Device Not Recognized error is one of the worst problems you can encounter on Windows, and Windows Update KB3022345 is causing this issue on several PCs. In fact, the whole Patch Tuesday this month

Microsoft Pulls Another Botched Windows Update, KB2889866

Well, what do you know! Even though Microsoft only released a few updates this time around, there is news that another botched Windows update slipped through. The culprit is KB2889866, which the company pulled down from the

Metro Working Slowly In Virtual Box After Installing Guest Additions? Here A Few Tips To Solve The Problem

Just days ago, I wrote an article about installing Windows 8 Release Preview using virtualization software, namely VirtualBox. I chose this solution because it seemed to have great overall results and is a free way to get

Ghacks talk about things the Windows Store need to fix before launch

The good folks at Ghacks wrote a very good article where they discuss some of the issues they feel need to be fixed with the Windows Store. It’s a good piece so I thought I would share