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Intel Core M Broadwell CPUs Delayed, So What Else Is New?

Delays, delays. At this point in time, it can be said with reasonable assurance that things are not going all that well for Broadwell. Intel is facing production delays across the lineup. News came out earlier today

Intel Core M Broadwell CPUs For Tablets Get Detailed

Intel is rightfully called the leading maker of computer chips. The company is far ahead of the competition in technology, and is gearing up to unleash processors based on 14nm manufacturing node. Other companies are still a

Intel CPU Roadmap Leaked, Broadwell And Skylake Coming In 2015

This year has been a somewhat hot and cold for Intel. On one hand the chip giant made some strides on the mobile front with successes like the Atom Bay Trail and the just announced Core M

Intel Announces Plans For An 8-Core CPU With Support For DDR4

The chip giant is back in business! The desktop side of the business, that is. For far too long the company has focused on mobile processors, but the company is ready to return to its desktop PC

Intel Broadwell CPUs Now Heading For A Third Quarter 2014 Launch

There was a time, not too long ago, when the Broadwell lineup of processors were on track to be ready for sampling before 2013 was out. But as is usually the case in life, such things can

Windows 8 Puts Qualcomm Into Direct Competition With Intel

Windows Phone 7 began a very close relationship between popular ARM-processor company, Qualcomm, and Microsoft. For now the only processor that is available in Phone 7 is a Qualcomm processor, showing you just how close this partnership

Will ARM Forever Change Windows And The Desktop?

It seems that Qualcomm is determined to use Windows 8 to launch a major initiative that brings it away from mobile-only solutions and into the hearts of PC users. Qualcomm recently announced they were working on home

Texas Instruments announces support for Windows 8

Yet another processor company has announced a new product that it says will support Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. This time its Texas Instruments. In a press release today, they unveiled its OMAP4470 processor. Texas Instruments has

Qualcomm announces support for Windows 8

Late on Wednesday, mobile processor maker Qualcomm officially announced that its Snapdragon line of processors will also support Windows 8 when it is released. That includes the MSM8960 Snapdragon processor that comes with an intergrated 3G/LTE modem