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Broadwell Laptops And Tablets Will Be Here By Holidays, Promises Intel

The chip giant has had an interesting few years at the very top of the food chain. With nary a competition in sight, at least in the x86 field, Intel has shifted focus towards low-power chips for

AMD Steps Up To The Party With Beema And Mullins APUs

The power, these days, lies in low-power processors. This is Intel’s main focus, and ARM’s main forte. And now AMD has formally entered the market of low power computing with its own solutions. Beema and Mullins APUs

Second Wave Of Intel Bay Trail Processors Incoming, And Fast

This might not be a tower defense game, per se, but it is a game nevertheless for Intel. The chip giant has been found out, on the wrong foot at that, in the mobile world, with ARM

Intel Aims To Leap Ahead In 2014 With Cherry Trail Chips

Tired of hearing about all the Bay Trail news? Intel’s current generation Atom platform has been a certified hit with tablet makers that produced Windows powered devices. But a refresh is due this year. The chip giant

Intel Announces 64-Bit Merrifield And Moorefield Mobile Processors

The battle for 64-bit mobile processor supremacy is heating up. Apple may have fired the first shots last year, but companies like Qualcomm and Intel have wasted little time in announcing their solutions. The former of the

Qualcomm Unleashes Eight Core 64-Bit Processor For Mobile Devices

MWC 2014 is in full flow, and many of the major companies have already fired off the first shots. None so more reverberant than Qualcomm and its eight-core Snapdragon 615 chip. The high-performance 64-bit solution integrates LTE

New Energy Efficient Intel Haswell Chips Coming This Year

Intel has recently made its anticipated Haswell lineup of processors official, with units now shipping across the globe. However, a pesky little USB hardware bug has delayed the refresh of its desktop motherboard refresh. But that is

AMD Shows Interest In Consumer Oriented ARM Solutions

Advanced Micro Devices reported its financial results for the second quarter of the year last week, and although sales were up quarter over quarter, they were down year over year, resulting in a loss of $74 million

NVIDIA Maintains That Its Support For Windows RT Still Remains High

The Windows RT saga is far from done. While hardware manufacturers have been pulling out from Windows on ARM, Microsoft is still putting all its weight behind the new platform. The upcoming Windows RT 8.1 is set

Intel Rumored To Retire The Atom Brand Name Soon

There were rumors on this before, but now it appears increasingly likely that Intel will drop the Atom brand name in the very near future. Not the architecture, mind you, just the brand name. The chip giant