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Microsoft Releases The Windows 8.1 Product Guide, Download It Here

Redmond has done a pretty neat job when it comes to helping users of its newest operating system come to grips with the various changes that are part of Windows 8.1. The company already released a free

Download This Free Product Guide For Windows 8.1 Preview

The lack of dedicated help tutorial with Windows 8 confused a fair bit of users early on when the operating system hit store shelves last year. Some third party apps filled in the void, but ultimately this

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide

Microsoft have also released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview product Guide. It’s a downloadable PDF for Windows 8 users. Similar to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Businesses, it goes over (in detail) the features

Microsoft release the Windows 8 consumer preview Product Guide for Business

Microsoft have released a detailed guide to the new and improved features in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In the document, they talk about AppLocker, BitLocker, Windows To Go, measured boot, Client Hyper-V. From the download page: The