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Microsoft Band On Sale In The UK, Can Be Yours For £169

Or £169.99, if you like to keep tabs on your pennies. Microsoft announced a few weeks back that its Band wearable would be made available in the UK market. And coming good on that promise, the company Windows Phone App Is Now Here

Some refreshing news for the platform. Amid reports of major developers pulling their Windows Phone apps, the official Windows Phone app is now in the zone. Vevo recently became the latest played to leave the party.

Lumia 430 Dual SIM Windows Phone Can Be Yours For Just $70

No surprises keeping in mind the fact that the low end market has become the main focus for Microsoft. The Lumia 430 is the newest launch from the company, and the most affordable. It basically sets new

Microsoft Unveils Dongle Sized Windows 8.1 PC

How about a new Windows 8.1 PC? One the size of a dongle? With HDMI, USB and microSD ports for portability as well as connectivity? With decent performance to go with it? While it may not be

Microsoft Brings Bing Right Into Google Chrome

If you can’t beat them, join them. And then beat them! Bing has seen a lot of action these past couple of years, with Microsoft updating its web search service regularly and routinely. This time around, though,

XOLO Win Q1000 Windows Phone Now On Sale At $135

Yes, this is the same XOLO Win Q1000 that leaked online a couple of months back. The Windows Phone ecosystem got another budget friendly entry in the form of this new handset. This handset has in the

Apple Releases iWork For Windows Users For Free

Well, this is rather out of the blue. Apple has made available iWork for Windows free of charge to users. Everyone can access it, albeit in prerelease form right now. The suite can be accessed by Windows

Microsoft Releases Outlook Apps For iOS And Android

Microsoft announced their acquisition of Acompli back in December. This was a company that built high quality email apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps were quite popular. Hence the purchase price north of $200

Office For Android Tablets Now Available In Final Form

Shaping up quite a marquee year for Office applications, this. Microsoft have just released the final, feature complete version of Office for Android tablets. Just in the nick of time too. The apps have been available in

Microsoft Officially Announces The Lumia 532

Along with announcing the Lumia 435, Microsoft has also officially released a new Windows Phone device in the form of the Lumia 532, which offers a slightly better feature set. In the same, highly affordable price, of