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Microsoft Accused Of Paying People To Praise Internet Explorer

Microsoft have made substantial efforts to get closer to end consumers and establish a good rapport with bloggers and media persons, particularly those that are…


New Microsoft Infographic Shows Why We Should Choose The Nokia Lumia 630

The recently released Nokia Lumia 630 makes a few compromises, but delivers on several fronts, including price. And while Microsoft is yet to really go…


Microsoft mocks Samsung’s new Galaxy terminal at Heathrow airport

The creative geniuses over at Redmond are at it again. Microsoft’s marketing has improved noticeably these past few years, and the company’s sense of humor…


UK Regulator Allows Microsoft To Air Scroogled Radio Ad

For those unaware, Pig Latin is a language game where players alter English language words according to a simple (or not so simple) predefined set…


OneDrive Launch Imminent, Microsoft Plans To Give Away 8GB Of Free Space

After the official confirmation that Microsoft’s cloud storage service would be renamed from SkyDrive to OneDrive, all eyes are on when the relaunch will happen,…


Microsoft Launches One Consumer, A New Media Campaign For Windows 8.1

With two of its most important milestones now ticked, Redmond now has new operating systems out in the wild, along with the second generation Surface…

Online cloud backup solutions - DrivePop

Free Software! 5 FREE licenses available – win a lifetime license of DrivePop for your PC or Mac!

OK, it’s been a while since we gave away free software so this weekend seemed as good a time as any. One of our sponsors (Rob…

Best Buy Microsoft Store Pasadena 2

Microsoft opens very impressive Windows Store inside my local Best Buy

Microsoft was right – their new Best Buy in-store locations have to be seen to be believed. The software maker has invaded my local Best…


Microsoft Enlists New Marketing Agency For Windows And Surface Promotion

No matter what is said about Redmond’s latest products, the company seems to be fully aware that these past few months made up Year One….


Microsoft Launches, A New YouTube Channel

In its bid to get ever closer to end users, Microsoft has put up several avenues from Internet video channels to official blogs and everything…