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Project Fiona Crowdsourced Tablet Makes a Splash at CES 2013

One of the attractions at the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES has been the Project  Fiona or more formally Razer Edge concept tablet.  Using a 10.1 inch, 1280×800 display, this gaming tablet runs on an Intel Core

Project Fiona to Target $1300-1500 Price Point, Double Heft of an iPad

Recently we reported that Razer had taken to Facebook and was asking for at least 10,000 Facebook likes to prove that there is truly interest in the idea of continuing on the Windows gaming tablet, known as

Remember Project Fiona? It is still in works…

Yesterday I wrote about the merits of upgrading to Windows 8 for gaming. The conclusion drawn is that there probably won’t be much enhancement to the gaming experience, but it won’t be any worse either– other than

New Windows 8 "Gamer Tablet" Shown Off At CES

  Not too long ago, I spoke about how awesome it would be to see an Xbox-branded gamer tabletthat featured all the power of Windows 8 and pushed Xbox-Live integration, alongside high-profile gaming capabilities. I made it