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This one’s for you – What do you want to see in Windows Blue or Windows 8.1?

So there have been a lot of rumors on the web lately about Windows 8.1 and how many changes are going to be made to Windows 8. The real question though is not what the pundits think

Quick Q&A for Microsoft Windows 8

Q: What editions are available for Windows 8? A:    There are four editions now available. Windows 8: For consumers Windows 8 Pro: For business and technical professionals Windows 8 Enterprise: For enterprise customers with software assurance Windows 8

Is Steven Sinofsky the best choice to replace Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft?

Steve Ballmer has been hammered by the press, the media and bloggers for almost as long as he has been CEO of Microsoft. The gregarious CEO of Microsoft has been criticized for his showmanship, larger than life

What Does Microsoft Need To Do In Order To Succeed With Its Tablets?

Entering into the tablet market isn’t an easy affair. Tablets haven’t been a craze for very long and yet they have already had at least one casualty and at least one other on the way. That’s right,