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Paul Thurrott podium

Smart Quote of the Day – Paul Thurrott

With marketing spin, it’s sometimes not what you say but how exactly you say it. Paul had a very perceptive catch on his site the other…


Windows 8 Quote of the day – Tim Worstall – Forbes

I saw this article on Forbes and I thought the author had a pretty profound and eloquent quote. Whether you agree or not, it’s an…


Windows 8 Quote of the day – Mashable

I saw this awesome quote today from Mashable regarding Microsoft’s uber secret mystery event today. If you wrap Apple-level mystery around a non-Apple…


Windows 8 Quote of the day

This from Topeka Capital analyst Brian White who’s in Taipei speaking with major computer vendors in the lead up to the Windows…


Windows 8 Quote of the day: Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

“It was genius to separate Windows 8 and Windows RT. You can’t reposition what a PC is any more. If want to create a…


Windows 8 Quote of the day – Part 3 – Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes

A really good quote from Adrian Kingsley Hughes at ZDnet. Here it is. First, there‚Äôs no proven market for Windows tablets, in particular when it comes to…


Windows 8 Quote of the day – Part Two – Raymond "Ray" Ozzie

This is an interesting perspective from a Microsoft expert who is pretty much a legend. Ozzie said the fate of Windows 8 would determine Microsoft’s future….