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Windows 8 Quote of the day – Steve Ballmer on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed up briefly at Nokia’s rollout of the new Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone 8. He used his time on stage to “rally the troops” and (attempt to) court software developers. Hi

More brilliance from the Gartner Group

I love these quotes. I just wrote about the confusion that users will inevitably face if the Windows Phones they bought this year can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. In response to the same issue on

Windows 8 Quote of the day – Paul Thurrott

The first Windows 8 Quote of the day has to go to Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite fame. Here goes: Inside Microsoft, there is a related fixation on whether Windows 8 will succeed and, yes, there is a

Windows 8 Quote of the day – Sid Parakh from McAdams Wright Ragen

I read this quote today that I had to share. I think it’s a really concise, accurate quote that captures the position that Microsoft is in re: Windows 8. “The operating system has begun to be seen

Windows 8 Quote of the Day – Microsoft CFO Peter Klein

Microsoft’s chief financial officer, Peter Klein is responsible for leading Microsoft Corp.’s worldwide finance organization which includes overseeing acquisitions, corporate strategy, treasury activities, tax planning, accounting and reporting, internal audit and investor relations. Here’s an interesting quote

Windows 8 Quotes of the day – Meg Whitman

It’s Friday and time for the Windows 8 quote(s) of the day. Today’s champion is HP CEO Meg Whitman with her quotes from her interview with CRN. From the CEO: My son once lived in the city and commuted

Quote of the day – Steve Jobs on Microsoft

Steve Jobs’s withering assessment to his biographer Walter Isaacson. “They’ve become mostly irrelevant,” Jobs said of Microsoft. He then got going on how salesmen like Ballmer and former Apple (AAPL) CEO John Sculley tend to ruin product-focused

Windows 8 Quote Of The Day – Robert Scoble

Today’s Windows 8 quote of the day comes from blogger Robert Scoble. Nothing too snarky or sarcastic, i just found it interesting. For those who don’t know, Robert Scoble is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author. Scoble

Quote of the day – Eric Schmidt from Google

The quote of the day comes from Eric Schmidt – the executive chairman of Google. “Steve Jobs was the Michelangelo of our time. A friend of mine and a unique character, able to combine creativity and visionary

Microsoft alleged quote of the day – Terry Myerson

Today’s “alleged” quote of the day is from Microsoft’s Terry Myerson. TheVerge.com is alleging that: In a recent all-hands meeting, we’re told that Myerson said something to the effect of “we’re at zero percent market share for