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Microsoft Antivirus Programs Now Offer Top Security

Who’d have imagined! There were days when Microsoft antivirus products like Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender used to fail the majority of security tests. So much so that they were mostly considered base level protection, the

Microsoft Products Are A Nightmare To Repair

iFixit has released their 2017 review, and Microsoft products, along with Apple devices, have been listed as the ones that are the most difficult to service and repair. Basically, the Worst Devices of 2017. Microsoft and Apple

Best Antivirus For Windows 10 Home Users Revealed

Here’s your daily dose of irony! German institute AV-TEST has revealed its latest antivirus test involving a total of 18 security suites, revealing the best Windows antivirus in the process. The endurance test was conducted for six

Microsoft Listed As The Fifth Most Valuable Brand In The World

Some things change very slowly. Microsoft has enjoyed a spot among the world brand leaders, but in the latest list, the technology titan is ranked on the fifth spot. Apple, Google, Coca Cola and IBM all positioned

Microsoft Listed As The Fourth Most Valuable Brand In The World

The newest BrandZ list comes with a few sweet surprises. First up is the news that Google has finally managed to overtake Apple as the most valuable brand in the world. Apple dropped one spot from last

Fortune Places Microsoft 86th In The Best Companies To Work For In The World List

Reorganizations, particularly for companies as big as Microsoft, usually are a case of do or die. Otherwise, what’s the point? Redmond is currently in the process of such a change in direction. This, along with its quest

Bill Gates Again Crowned The Richest Man In The United States

Bill Gates has just completed a significant milestone. According to this year’s list by Forbes, Microsoft’s co-founder has remained the richest person in the United States for 20 consecutive years. Gates finds himself leading the charts in

New BrandZ Ranking Puts Microsoft As The Seventh Most Valued Global Brand

Redmond took a slight dip in an annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands. Microsoft is placed seven this year, down from the fifth place it was slotted in at in 2012. BrandZ just released its

Bill Gates Becomes The World’s Richest Man Once Again

Well, hello, Bill! Microsoft chairman has once again returned to his throne of the richest man in the world, as increase in the software titan’s stock has boosted his wealth to $72.7 billion. According to Bloomberg, Bill

Microsoft Placed 35 In Newest Fortune 500 Rankings

Microsoft is one of the most influential technology companies around. The Redmond-based software giant is competing with others in a number of areas like operating systems, mobile, cloud computing, software and now hardware. And Fortune is quick