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EU Regulator Hopes That Nokia Will Not Become A Patent Troll

The EU antitrust commission recently gave their okay for Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s hardware and services business, meaning Redmond can now complete the transaction early next year. But Nokia will continue to service as a separate company

Microsoft Will Make Nokia’s Espoo HQ Its Research And Development Hub

Nokia shareholders approved the Microsoft acquisition deal earlier this week, and now attention is shifting towards other pressing matters. Like what to do with the company’s classic headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The building has always held a

PC Vendors Planning To Increase Focus On Wearable Computing

Mobile was long hyped up as a bold new frontier for computing. While some companies understood this early and ran away with success others realized this too late into the game and are now on the back

Free VoIP Calls – Is it Possible?

Since the invention of the internet, technology has evolved tremendously from static simple file sharing to dynamic file sharing capabilities such as online applications. One of the technologies that have emerged from internet evolution is VoIP or

Microsoft Executive Reveals That A Smart Watch Is Very Much Possible

We know precious little about Microsoft’s smart watch project, but several insider sources close to the matter have recently hinted that the device may be equipped with a touch-enabled 1.5-inch display. And well, a cut down variant

Microsoft Said To Be Already Testing Prototypes Of Its Smart Watch

The battle of smart watches is about to heat up. While Google has been focused on the Google Glass project, other technology titans have shifted their attention to smart watches. You know, technology titans like Apple, Samsung,

Microsoft Executive Hints At A Windows Smart Watch

Redmond seems ready and raring to take the wearable computing fight to competitors like Apple and Samsung to another level, with insiders suggesting that the company is working on a Windows smart watch device. This would be

Rumor: Microsoft To Launch Its Very Own Google Glass Rival

If there is one thing Microsoft is overly keen on these days, its innovation. While some may say that the software titan has been slow to react to phenomena like the Internet and mobile computing, both are

Microsoft’s R&D Spending Is Top Three Among Global Companies

Both fans and critiques of Microsoft do admit one thing. Redmond spares no expense when it comes to research and development. The company continues to invest a fortune in R&D. And according to a new report that

Acer Doubles Up Its Research And Development Budget

Acer does a lot of things right, but one area where the hardware vendor is weak is the field of research and development. Even the company itself feels that there is room for improvement on this front.