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Windows 10 Build 17711 Brings It

Ah, the weekly ritual. Almost weekly, to be accurate. Microsoft has unleashed Windows 10 build 17711 to the Fast ring of its preview program, and this new version packs in a few new niceties. Particularly related to

Microsoft Praises The Reading List Tool In Windows 8.1

With its brand new operating system right around the corner, Microsoft has been appropriately busy lately promoting and praising many of the new features it has bundled into Windows 8.1. And one feature that has been in

Microsoft Rolls Out Updates For Windows 8.1 Reading List

Microsoft, Windows 8.1, Preview, Apps, Reading List, Updates Reading List is one of the more (perhaps even the most, depending on who is doing the talking) interesting new features of Windows 8.1. This new application allows users

New Screenshot Shows The Windows 8.1 Reading List Feature

One of the more interesting new features set to arrive with Windows 8.1 later this year is the Reading List option, which allows users to save web content for later viewing and reading. We have seen this

New Screenshot Shows The Reading List Feature In Windows 8.1

One of the newest Windows Blue features that first came to light last week was the brand new Reading List option that is said to allow users to save links and content for later access. Microsoft has

Windows 8.1 Said To Include A “Read It Later” Feature

Windows 8.1 is all set to bring a bucket load of improvements, from adding a Start button to customization option and updates to almost all of the built-in Metro apps. But according to some unconfirmed reports, the