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Internet Explorer 12 To Offer Faster Browsing Speeds

Well, more speed never killed anybody, so why not? Internet Explorer 12 is the upcoming version of Microsoft’s flagship web browser, currently on track for release with Windows 9. And now some more information about this brand

Microsoft, At One Point, Considered Renaming Internet Explorer

Well, here’s an inside scoop if ever there was any. Web browsers are fickle business, and with the multitude of choices available, brand loyalty is not what is was back in the early days. Then again, the

Bill Gates Takes To Reddit To Talk About His New Role At Microsoft

Almost an equally important development to the announcement of the new Microsoft CEO is the fact that Bill Gates has decided to devote more time at the company. The co-founder of the Redmond Empire will now spend

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 Release Notes Allegedly Leak, New Features Revealed

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 has recently started its slow rollout process, with smartphone owners around the world receiving update notifications for the new firmware version of Microsoft’s mobile platform. But Microsoft has long been rumored to launch

Microsoft Reveals New Windows 8.1 SkyDrive Features

If there is one thing you can be sure of in the final version of Windows 8.1, it is a complete overhaul of the default Metro apps. In fact, Microsoft had promised to improve the features of

Microsoft Will Soon Increase The 2GB File Size Limit On SkyDrive

More SkyDrive news it seems. Microsoft’s soon-to-be-renamed cloud storage service has been in the news today for not so bright reasons. Redmond just decided to rebrand SkyDrive following a trademark case settlement. But while it may still

SkyDrive Not Getting The Rumored Music Player, After All

Back in December it was reported that Microsoft would be adding a music player to its SkyDrive service. Needless to say, the rumored possibilities of cloud streaming audio got several users excited. Now it appears that this

Bill Gates Appears On Reddit In An AMA Session

When it comes to geeks, you will have to think really hard to find a cooler one than Bill Gates. Since leaving his full time gig at Microsoft, the iconic CEO has shifted his focus on making

Surface RT Wi-Fi Patch Coming Today

Finally! Finally, I say! This is one problem that has lingered on for far too long. But it seems that good news may finally be around the corner. Well, at least, according to Microsoft officials. The bug

Bill Gates Takes to Reddit for AMA Session

Today Bill Gates took to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” session, and certainly had plenty to share. Some of the talk revolved around technology, other parts of the conversation were more focused on the Melinda &