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Microsoft Store App Picks Up Some More Fluent Design

The Microsoft Store app in Windows 10, or Windows Store, what have you, has picked up some more acrylic effects as part of the Fluent Design System redesign. This new UI design philosophy is obviously a big

Looks Like Firefox Is Getting A New Logo

Flatter, fresher, yet familiar? Some details about the new logo included in Firefox 57, which is currently in the Nightly branch, has surfaced, signaling a change in the look and feel of the popular web browser. Along

Redesigned Skype For Windows Gets Rid Of The Beta Tag

The Skype team at Microsoft is, for what it’s worth, tackling a few different ideas at once. And although progress has been slow, the various versions of Skye are catching up. It is a bit of a

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gets A New Design Refresh

Microsoft’s longtime partners is making some moves on the Windows hardware front. The popular Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series is the company’s line of consumer friendly notebooks. Which is to say, these are relatively affordable models —

Skype For iOS Redesigned, Looks Similar To Windows Phone

Very rarely does Microsoft software gets such massive redesigns, but Skype for iOS has recently received a totally brand new look. In fact, the company says that the app has been completely rewritten from the ground up.

Desktop Skype Users To Get Modern Features Soon

Skype is one Microsoft service that gets updates on a regular basis, and this new one is rather interesting. Desktop users of Skype are in line to get some Modern features in the very near future. And

Windows Store Finally Gets The Anticipated New Redesign

Microsoft have just rolled out a brand new design for the Windows Store for devices that have the Windows 8.1 Update installed, making it is easier to find apps both on PCs and tablets. This new design,

Where on earth is the promised redesign of the Windows Store?

With complete understanding of the fact that things like these take time, I ask, where is the Promised Land? I am, obviously, referring to the reported redesign of the Windows Store. News came out earlier this month,

Windows Store To Get A Redesign With Windows 8.1 Update

The best thing, by far, that Microsoft’s refreshed new strategy for its modern platforms has brought along is a quick update cycle. No longer do users have to wait years upon years for small changes. The Windows

Bing Gets A Modern Design With A Flat New Logo

As far as end users are concerned, Bing is perhaps the most important Microsoft product this side of Windows and Windows Phone. Even ahead of Office and Xbox, considering just how much attention Redmond pays to its