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Windows Redstone

Windows 10 Build 17711 Brings It

Ah, the weekly ritual. Almost weekly, to be accurate. Microsoft has unleashed Windows 10 build 17711 to the Fast ring of its preview program, and…

Windows 10 Tabs

Is This Why Microsoft Delayed Tabs In Windows 10?

Microsoft shared some distressing news lately, when it announced that it was delaying the tabs feature in Windows 10. Sets, as the company calls it,…


Windows 10 Build 17704 Is Jam Packed

Whew, so many new features! After skipping a preview release last week due to a major bug, Microsoft has struck back with Windows 10 build…

Windows 10 Control Center

Is This The Windows 10 Control Center?

It was all the way back in 2017 that Microsoft announced a new addition to Windows 10, in the form of a Control Center that…

Windows Redstone

Windows 10 Build 17692 Brings Good Stuff

Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 17692, a new preview version for the upcoming Redstone 5 refresh of its operating system. And it brings along…

Windows Redstone

A New Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build Is Out

Don’t look now, but there’s a new Windows 10 Redstone 5 build out. And it brings with it a few new features, this build 17686…

Edge Extensions

Edge Extensions Get New Features

Microsoft Edge has its work cut out in getting closer to rivals like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and one reason for that is because…

Redstone 5 Build

Redstone 5 Build 17677 Focuses On Edge

Microsoft has released a new Redstone 5 preview, in the form of Windows 10 build 17677, after previously stating that no build release would happen…


SameSite Cookies Coming To Windows 10

Looks like Windows 10 browsers are about to pick up a new feature. Microsoft has confirmed that it has started testing SameSite cookies on the…


Windows 10 Build 17666 Out With A Bang

It’s BUILD, and that can only mean one thing, a new build. That’s exactly what has happened, with Microsoft pushing out Windows 10 build 17666…