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Windows 8.1 App Watch: Bing Wikipedia Browser

There are killer apps, and then there are insanely useful ones. Guess which category this one falls into. Not exactly an application that everyone might needs, but those that do will totally appreciate it. Microsoft might have

Windows Dictionary: Apps

Ever wondered what apps are? Get out! Few have. Anyone that has had anything to do with mobile devices and now Windows 8 probably already knows what apps are. They are just there! Apps are your tools

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Nook

The Nook app has been available for quite some time on the Windows Store, but Barnes & Noble has just given it a new polish while taking it international. First up, the app now fully supports Windows

App Watch: Just Origami

Origami! What is there to say about this creative and satisfying art form that has not been said? Still while Origami may be one of the best things one can get into, getting in is not all

App Watch: Dictionary

The title of this app may not be the most inspired or creative one around, but it takes nothing away from the very impressive feature set Dictionary for Windows 8 has to offer. In simpler terms, this

App Watch: Lingvo

It is remarkable just how much language translation has come forward compared to the early days of computing. There is no shortage of new and improved solutions that can interpret and translate between languages. And more impressively,

App Watch: WordWeb

We have rarely covered Windows 8 Reference apps, and no better way than to make up for it with WordWeb the popular dictionary that is now available on Microsoft’s newest platform. This English language dictionary and thesaurus