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ReFS File System Support Removed From Windows 10 Pro

Expected? You tell. It looks like Microsoft is removing support for its next generation file system, ReFS, in Windows 10. And instead, the company will leave it in two other variants of its OS. Windows 10 Enterprise

ReFS Support Said To Be Included With Windows 8.1

If there is one confirmation we have of Windows 8.1, it’s that Microsoft is all set to bring a number of really interesting changes to its flagship operating system, both under and over the hood. The stage

Windows 9 Will Likely See Stronger Cloud Integration and ReFS

Alright let’s face it, Windows 9 is still at least a little ways away (depending on if you believe Windows 9 is really Blue or not). At this point, little solid information is heading our way. That

A Deeper Look At Microsoft’s New ReFS Format

As early back as 2003, Microsoft has been promising a new file system to replace NTFS, originally known as WinFS. Now, in 2012 a new file system finally is coming. So what is ReFS all about and

Windows Server 8 – Microsoft introduce a new file system ReFS – Resilient File System

Microsoft have updated their Windows 8 Development blog. This time, they have announced an update to their file systems for Windows Server 8. It’s called ReFS, (which stands for Resilient File System). The post was authored by Surendra Verma,