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EU fines Microsoft $732 million for browser ballot violation

Today, the European Union has decided to fine the company €561 million (around $732 million) for breaking a 2009 antitrust agreement. Back then, Microsoft agreed to include a browser ballot box in every new copy of Windows,

The EU Decides Not to Go After Windows RT for its Browser Restrictions

Yesterday we reported about how the European Union was gearing up to go after Microsoft for not implementing the “browser choice screen” in Windows 7. While Microsoft had complied to the policy with Windows XP and VISTA,

Microsoft Continues to get EU Flack for Lack of Browser Choices…

Ever since Microsoft got tangled up in EU anti-trust issues, the company has issued a “Browser Ballot Screen” in order to keep the pressure of their backs. The idea was that this ballet gave users of Windows

The European Union wants to take a closer look at Windows 8 and Windows RT

Here we go again. In addition to the current investigations into Microsoft’s failure to give some Windows users a browser ballot screen, European Union (EU) antitrust officials are also looking into Windows 8 and Windows RT. More

Microsoft will need to police OEM’s when Windows 8 is released

With the (hopefully) launch of Windows 8 next year, we are going to see a plethora of Windows 8 devices coming to us from a bunch of different vendors. We’ll be getting Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phone