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Windows 8.1 Countdown Now Enters The Last 10 Days

Remember the day when information about Windows 8.1 first started to leak out? Insiders had started hinting at Windows Blue, the codename of the new operating system, many a moons back. And now a mere 10 days

Microsoft Silently Releases Final Version Of Service Pack 2 For Office 2010

For a company its size, Microsoft sure does like releasing some things very silently. The company launched a beta version of the second service pack for Office 2010 back in April. And earlier today, Redmond decided to

Rumor: Microsoft Could Reveal Windows Blue This Month

It is amazing when you consider just a few months back it was all about Windows 8. Only a select few had even heard of the Blue initiative or Windows 8.1, but here we are with an

Microsoft Releases The First Cumulative Update For Exchange Server 2013 RTM

Microsoft continues its tradition of bundling up and releasing cumulative updates for its enterprise products. The latest to get this treatment is Exchange Server 2013 RTM. It was just a couple of weeks back when SQL Server

VIZIO Also Introduces Three All-In-One Computers

Prepare For Even More App Updates From Microsoft Next Week

Microsoft rolled out a pretty comprehensive update for its core Windows 8 modern apps, bringing several improvements and enhancements. But that is not the full story it seems. The company seems to be working on several other

SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 3 Released

This is something that would interest Microsoft SQL Server users. The software giant has just released the third cumulative update for consumers who had already deployed Service Pack 1. The company recommends everyone to start their download

Surface RT Goes On Sale In New Zealand And Japan

While the Surface Pro has taken up the spotlight as far as tablet from Redmond are concerned, Microsoft is slowly adding more markets where buyers can get their hands on the Surface RT. Earlier today the company’s

Cortado Refines Printing For Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services

While Microsoft has made substantial improvements to Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server 2012, printing still remains somewhat suboptimal. The new improvements allow business and enterprise users that are working at home or office workstations easy

Huawei Ascend W1 Out Now In Russia, Releasing Worldwide Soon

The Chinese smartphone marker rolled out a preorder campaign for its midrange Windows Phone 8 smartphone in Russia a couple of weeks back. Now the inexpensive handset has hit store shelves in the country, with worldwide availability