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Every Surface Generation Is Getting Better, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft has a good thing going with the Surface, with each new product bringing to the table its own unique mix of style and performance that is well received by most buyers. Yes, there have been cases

Microsoft Stands Behind Surface

The technology giant has put its weight behind the its PC lineup, saying it clear and loud that they stand behind Surface. This, after the nest was shaken real hard yesterday. Basically, Consumer Reports announced that it

Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends Any Surface

Not one single Microsoft Surface device! The US based independent review journal Consumer Reports has withdrawn its coveted recommended status for all hardware under the Surface umbrella. This, following the survey of 90,000 tablet and laptop users

The App That Crashes The Most On Windows 8 Revealed

It just had to be it. In a report released by Soluto, the app that crashes the most on Microsoft’s latest OS is none other than its file manager. While Windows 8 was developed from the grounds