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Windows Phone Loses Another App, NBC Pulls Out

Not again! You know what would be really great is if all these big name developers that are discontinuing their Windows Phone apps get back with their Windows 10 solutions. Universal, streamlined, feature rich applications for Microsoft’s

Yahoo Mail App Removed From The Windows Store

One of the first big applications to launch on Windows 8, the Yahoo Mail app is no longer available for download from the Windows Store. Odd, but hardly surprising. Microsoft has done a good job convincing developers

Where In The World Is Windows 8 Complaints App?

Gotta love it when big old Microsoft gets a little touchy-feely! The Windows Store has picked up pace and is filling up pretty fast with all varieties of apps. But apparently (see what I did there), some

Eradication of Bluetooth 3 from Windows 8?

More speculation about the end of Bluetooth 3. We’ve been hearing more and more about that… While there’s no telling what Microsoft will actually do when it starts coding the OS, documents indicate it’s currently asking partner