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Microsoft May Reorganize Windows Team Soon

That is, after the release of the Redstone 5 update. There are some whispers that the software titan is gearing up for a reorganization of the Windows team, to better align it with future strategy. This is

Windows Boss Terry Myerson Leaves Microsoft

Big changes ahead? You can bet the farmhouse on that! Terry Myerson, the Windows chief, has departed Microsoft. After having spent no less than 21 years at the company, no less. Not only did Redmond confirm this

Internet Explorer Development Head Leaves Microsoft

The exodus continues. Microsoft has parted ways with several key employees in the past couple of years, and the head of the Internet Explorer development team is the newest name in this list. Dean Hachamovitch has had

Intel To Merge Mobile CPU And Computer Divisions In 2015

It may seem all serene on the outside for Intel, what the with chip giant coming off of another record breaking financial quarter. Inside, though, things are different. The company is still to make a name for

Microsoft Employees Irked By Regular Internal Changes

Everyone has a breaking point, I guess. Microsoft employees usually have an easygoing attitude with whatever top level changes the company goes through. Usually. But it appears that their feelings are mixed regarding the ongoing reorganization. Former

Microsoft Lays Off 3,000 Employees In Third Round Of Job Cuts

Some 3,000 more Microsoft employees have left the building today. Or rather, buildings. The company conducted its third round of job cuts as part of its reorganization process. This has been confirmed by regular Microsoft watcher, Mary

Senior Qualcomm Executive Peggy Johnson Joins Microsoft

Downsizing your company by 18,000 in one stretch does not mean you cannot hire new faces, and Microsoft has just added a high-profile executive from Qualcomm. Peggy Johnson is a top executive at the chip maker, in

Nadella Is Cleaning Up Ballmer’s Mess, Says Analyst

It was about time someone shot it straight. While Steve Ballmer’s reign had its fair share of ups, the way the former Microsoft CEO conducted business during his final few years, left a lot to be desired.

Xbox Entertainment Studios Shutting Down, MixRadio Future Uncertain

Boy, Microsoft sure is trigger happy today! We have a few more causalities of the reorganization and job cuts that the software titan announce earlier in the day. Entertainment causalities, this time, by the way. Nokia’s popular

Nokia Asha And Series 40 Axed, Windows Phone Now The Sole Focus

The more news that is coming up about this latest reorganization at Microsoft, the more it is becoming clear that these changes are as much about streamlining, as they are about consolidation. Redmond is not just cutting