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Windows 10 Twice As Safe As Windows 7

Microsoft never wastes a chance talking about just how secure its latest OS is, but another study has revealed that Windows 10 is pretty much twice as safe as Windows 7. For home users, that is. Redmond

Windows The Second Most Secure Platform

Stating the obvious here. Nokia is here with its latest Threat Intelligence Report, which reveals what we already know. That Android is the most targeted platform by malware authors. Windows is listed in second place, with 27.96%.

Microsoft Fixed A Total Of 344 Vulnerabilities In 2013, New Report Reveals

With newer platforms comes great responsibilities. Or something like that. Microsoft is currently juggling a whole bunch of different operating systems, and as this new report reveals, the company is doing a pretty good job of maintaining

Windows Defender Is The Antivirus Of Choice For Windows 8 Users

Windows users have had a bit of a habit change after Microsoft started taking security of its flagship operating system as seriously as it should. The landscape was altogether different back in the days of good old

Windows XP Has A Dark Future Ahead, Microsoft Report Reveals

Redmond has just released the Security Intelligence Report 15 that reveals details and data on recent malware activities that affect the company’s software products, along with statistics on the infection rate of its operating platforms. And, as

Microsoft Reports mixed results for 1st Quarter 2013

Yesterday Microsoft released its fiscal 2013 first quarter earnings. For those that don’t know, Microsoft has its financial calendar start mid-year so don’t get too confused, it is still 2012- no time warp here. The news wasn’t