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New Breed Of Lithium-Ion Battery Keeps Running For 20 Years

Innovation in battery technologies is a mixed bag. While we’ve seen some amazing discoveries, they rarely make it to the market. Result being, manufacturers are still stuck in a limbo. Currently, the batteries on most mobile devices

The Secret Behind Google’s Success Is Marketing, Quips Nadella

The prestigious Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 kicked off yesterday in Washington, and in case you have been wondering, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did not take part in the event. Instead he attended Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference to

Week In Review (Jun 23 – Jun 27)

This week started with some tall rumors about Windows 8.1 Update 2, Windows 9, and some measures Microsoft have taken to prevent leaks, but by the end of the week, it was all about Windows Phone 8.1,

Revolutionary New Technology Charges Phones In 30 Seconds

Yes, you heard that right, folks, 30 seconds! Flat. Or even less. This is the promise of a new breed of chargers that could potentially revolutionize the way smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used. Then again, battery

Nokia Thinking Of Including Active Bezels In Future Smartphones

The Finnish telecom giant has carved a nice little niche for itself with its colorful smartphone designs, and though its might have handed over its devices and services business to Microsoft, it still actively researches and developers

Microsoft Files For A Patent For Gesture Based Search

Considering just how big a company Microsoft is, some circles criticize it for not innovating enough. But it’s hard to truly innovate when you have so much catching up to do. Regardless, Redmond has made several important

Cloud, Virtualization Also High On The List Of Windows XP Users Looking To Upgrade

Microsoft is ready to bring support for Windows XP to an end in just a couple of months. And this means a substantial amount of users and businesses are scurrying around to plan and implement their upgrades

F-Secure Named The Best Antivirus Solution On Windows 8.1

If you are asked to name one thing Microsoft has done absolutely right in its modern operating systems, chances are your answer would be the security. This is one area where no one can fault the Windows

Research Finds Microsoft As More Trusted And Essential Than Apple And Samsung

You’d have to think really hard to find a technology company that is more engaged (and trying to innovate) on multiple fronts than Microsoft. It is competing with Google, Apple and other market leaders in various fields.

Microsoft Executive Reveals That A Smart Watch Is Very Much Possible

We know precious little about Microsoft’s smart watch project, but several insider sources close to the matter have recently hinted that the device may be equipped with a touch-enabled 1.5-inch display. And well, a cut down variant