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How To Reset Network Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a feature that lets you view network data usage, itemized as type of network, and even by the amount of data each app or service uses across the operating system. This information is tallied

How To Reset An App In Windows 10

Microsoft now allows you to reset an app in Windows 10, if it gets into a bad state. This primarily applies to the default applications that are included in the operating system. Because, you can always reinstall

Windows 8 will help you refresh and reset your PC easily

Microsoft have updated their Windows 8 development blog. Today, they are talking about refreshing and resetting your PC – a task that has driven many sober end users to alcohol. As usual, they lay out the post very

Reset button in Windows 8?

Interesting new speculation about a “push button reset” that automatically resets Windows to factory condition while leaving a user’s files in place. That would actually be pretty cool if it was a highly effective no drama process.