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Steven Sinofsky’s resignation letter

From: Steven Sinofsky Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 6:42 PM To: Microsoft – All Employees (QBDG) Subject: RE: Windows Leadership Changes With the general availability of Windows 8/RT and Surface, I have decided it is time for

Windows President Steven Sinofsky resigns!!

DRAMA The Verge is reporting that Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft executive in charge of Windows, has resigned. Apparently Julie Larson-Green is stepping up to assume control of Windows software and hardware engineering. CFO Tami Reller will be

Jerry Yang resigns from Yahoo

It seems that Jerry Yang, former CEO of Yahoo has had enough. The company officially announced his resignation from the board of directors at Yahoo!, as well as from the boards of Yahoo Japan Corporation and Alibaba

Steve Jobs resigns from Apple

A second earthquake hit the United States today. Reuters reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is stepping down from his leadership position. Tim Cook has been named as the company’s new CEO.  Steve Jobs has been elected

Speculation builds that Ballmer may be gone next year

Newsweek magazine is predicting speculating that Steve Ballmer may be removed from Microsoft next year. The reasons they give are pretty impressive. 1) Vista 2) Stock Price 3) Zune loss to the Ipod 4) Internet Search loss