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Microsoft Reports $19.90 Billion Revenue For Second Quarter Of 2013

Microsoft announced its financial results for the second quarter of the year, revealing revenues of $19.90 billion and a net income of $4.97 billion. Deep down, however, the numbers paint a very interesting picture. The technology titan

Microsoft Employees Donated $105 Million To Charity In 2012

Redmond has just confirmed the success of its 2012 Giving Program. The effort was a triumph this year too, as company employees donated a nifty total of $105 million to various charitable organizations. This makes it the

Microsoft Reports $21.46 Billion Revenue For Q4 2012

January is all about juicy financial details, numbers and statistics that unquestionably float up from corporations around the world as they announce their financial results, not just for the last quarter of the year but the full

Your feedback about what you want to see in Windows 8 Beta

So I had asked you guys and girls for your comments regarding Windows 8 and what you wanted to see and a lot of the comments are in already. You can see them here. A lot of