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Surface Future Is PoS

Hey, now, don’t get any funny ideas! PoS, as in a Point of Sale terminal. Surface is one product line that likes to go places, and this time around Microsoft seems to preparing it for a PoS

Good Luck Finding The Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Either they made only ten of these, or there really is very high demand for the Acer mixed reality headset. Sales of which went live just two days ago, and it is already out of stock. These

Surface RT, Surface 2 No Longer Available For Purchase

It had to come to this. Microsoft has now officially stopped selling its Windows RT powered tablets, the original Surface RT and the power packed successor, the Surface 2. The ARM based operating system has no longer

Microsoft Black Friday Deals Start Today, Here’s The List

Microsoft Black Friday deals are already here, people. They start today, as we approach the shopping season, and the company is offering a whole bunch of savings on both hardware and software. Although the offers are listed

Windows 7 OEM License Sales Ending This Week

Time for Microsoft to bring its modern operating systems into the spotlight. Windows 7 OEM license sales are soon to be part of history, with the company ending sales of such installations by the end of this

Surface Pro 3 Goes Global, Now Available In 28 Markets

Right on target. Microsoft’s impressive new tablet, the Surface Pro 3, is now available in a total of 28 markets worldwide, a solid 25 of which are new for the device. The company had promised this expanded

Chicago To Get 24 New Windows Stores

That should make it a total of 37 new Windows Stores in the area, where customers will be able to purchase a number of Microsoft hardware and software products. The company just made it official that 24

Microsoft Takes On Apple With First Ever New York Store

Yes, this famous building that you can see in the image above. Microsoft will soon have a retail store just a few blocks away from the famous Apple store near Central Park. This should make it the

Here Are The Next 13 Microsoft Store Locations

Redmond keeps chugging along with its retail plans. We now have details of the next 13 Microsoft Store locations, and rather delightfully, two of these are in Canada. The company has been opening retail outlets in the

Microsoft Confirms Locations Of 11 New Specialty Stores Opening Next Month

The count just keeps on going up and up. Redmond has been busy expanding its retail presence in the United States, and it seems that every month or so we hear details of new locations. And now