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Windows Piracy Remains A Major Threat

Shiver me timbers! Microsoft has conducted its own investigation on the new PC market in Asia, and found that Windows piracy is quite a thing over there. It’s downright insane — the number of computers that are

Microsoft Has Now Stopped Selling Windows 7 To Retailers

Now that Redmond’s two modern operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, are occupying store shelves on the market, the software titan is ready to redefine its retail strategy. Microsoft is now no longer selling Windows 7

Windows 8.1 USB Upgrade Kits Are Now Available To PC Retailers

With Windows 8.1 now alive and kicking, Microsoft has shifted attention to more pressing matters. And there is nothing more important for the company than to increase sales of the new operating system. But while Redmond worked

Surface To Be Available At Major Retailers In Australia

You may already know that Microsoft is mulling to sell its Surface tablets at some third-party stores. Why would you know that? Because we already covered it a couple of days back. Bet you did not know